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Scientific advances: Harmful consequences of the lack of application

Scientific advances:
Harmful consequences of the lack of application and vulgarisation  in the domestic and hygienic fields in a background of poverty

1 * The poor and middle families continue to cook in aluminum utensils, and manufacturing of these continues. Aluminum dissolves in the food during cooking and accumulates in, tissues, poisons the human body.

2 * The lack of food preservation by lack of refrigeration causes the loss of food or sometimes their absorption in a state of semi rot.

3 * Malnutrition (caused by ignorance or lack of income) reduces the resistance to disease and possible epidemy outbreaks, there sometimes being caused by lack of access to hygien standards and products.

4 * In 2009 there was an invasion of small cockroaches, and since 2007 of rats (sometimes carrying scabies and hepatitis). And these animals can be carriers of several diseases. Elites and the state have never taken any action to raise the issue. Since at least 2009 there has been precisely the proliferation of disease in many people like those transmitted  by these parasites. A possible human intervention in the proliferation of parasites is also an issue .
(A hint in the form of a joke was made, at a session of the constituant assembly, to this idea by a member of the Islamic majority that would have "suffered a cold because of a virus sent by the opposition ! " And the President replied with a smile: " impossible " !
5 * In our region, cold and almost all of respiratory and digestive problems (especially vomiting and diarrhea) are explained from ancient times by the cooling of the body or the penetration of air into it (we call it  " Brouda  ",  "hua "etc.). This spirit remains largely the same today. Thus it is not uncommon to see buses travel all windows closed despite the heat and the terrible smell of the breath of hundreds of passengers. Neither they nor the crew of this bus do not care ventilation. (Especially the latters who push their recklessness - or is it a strict observance of aristocratic duties of the office? - to letting the multitudes of passengers standing in front of the bus closed until departure).

Note: The chemicals that enter the body due to pollution or accidental or unconscious ingestion :
It is important to note that, in addition to what the public knows of the role of pollution in the occurrence of cancer and poisoning of the body (the simple accumulation of chemicals in the bodies), it can also cause infectious epidemics; this simply because the waste chemicals attack the immune system which promotes viral and bacterian attacks... weakening the body's defense. It is possible that this played a role, even in part, in the appearance of waves of avian influenza in 2006 and swine flu in 2009.

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