mercredi 18 mai 2016

Concerns, environment and sea pollution in warming global system

Suppose a sea zone has specific species and is rich of nutrients gets warmer due to global warming. When the flow from warmer zones to colder waters occurs,  the exchange between zones will be hastened and there will be dispersion of species....
Now suppose that the warm zone is a fetid sewage-laden or chemical contaminated water, or just a sterile desert-like water zone. The warming  ( also increasing rotting of organic waste ) inducing the flow towards cool zones, then the same dispersion will occur and increase pollutants and contamination dispersion, resulting in polluted zone expansion.

Note that fetid waters or just life-unfriendly waters can by just being in contact with healthy life-rich waters impact them and be a source of pollution. A knock-on effect is very possible because polluted waters emit pollutants and harsh chemical conditions that impact other zones ( gazes, pH increase, saturation of  - likely decomposing- organic matters,...).
Note also that even if only some species disappear from the sea (due to specific pollutants or just over-fishing ), this will break equilibrium in ecosystem, resulting in disappearance of macro fauna , then expansion of micro organisms, that will in the end die from nutrient exhaustion if not due tobpollution, and the result is a fetid water mass stretching in a global marine mass that is 70% of the earth surface.
Did you ever go by a mass of algae rotting in a new badly fitted hard slopy beach in modern 21st ac hyperwisdomlands?

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