vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Environmental threats and neglects


1* Construction of very high buildings in place of old one-storey houses or trades, sometimes without concern to historical value. These new buildings, are constructed almost exclusively in the historical city  centers, and one next to the other, at serial rate, even before those first started have been finished, without space between them and without green zones, all of this being obvious breaches of law.  
The cities are suffering or may suffer in the future very serious hygienic and epidemic hazards, traffic and pollution problems.

2* Poverty is so spread in some populations and so hard for many individuals that they can't afford to buy hygien products and health care, or to observe sanitary and medical rules and standards. Some are also so poor that, them and their houses, may become epidemy source for themselves and the community.
In addition, many become so needy that they are forced to become militia for tyrant old or new rulers, immoral politicians, or so-called thieve bands.
3* Security matters show  no real commitment in some cases from police, parties, associations and human rights groups; and even victim's family fearing job constraint etc.

4* Mutual help, even in problems and issues of better and safer human life on wisely managed earth, show to be the most obvious lesson of many years of non-democracy. At least as first step to solve individuals problemps in matters of consolidation, proximity distress healing, protection, urgent and daily needs provision, etc.
This solution seems to be forgotten, may be even excluded, or ignored.

5* Sulphur throwing to the sea and in big amounts is a serious example of environmental neglects in state facilities. This occurs in the ports in the process of loading sulphur ( in powder)on ships, using obviously bad loading means, the same ones that would be used to displace stones ! This may have been the cause of marine fauna disappearence. ( Nb: sulphur powder is one of past pesticides )

6* It seems to be difficult to deal with or clarify cases of fauna and human parasites transmission that occured in previous years.
The current proliferation of some parasites could be related to this or only to sadly favorable environmental background, that seems also worsening.

7* The use of sanguinary corporal violence is a very big concern. Especially when it is done via bands of youth and in a show background.
This kind of violence is most dangerous when used as a punishment to a considered political target. And when this is vocally expressed.

8* Silence towards violence could be an indirect means to exert violence.

9* It is highly feared that institutions and parties would displace their concern from " we serve " to " we are proving that we wanted to help the country ".
It is also feared that, in case of transitional justice, this will turn into political intimidation, provision of the task to the wrong fellows, or just elimination of ennoying folders.

10* The concern of data and discussion elimination observed with many parties is alarming. Here also, it is sometimes exerted passively, by the silence.

11* The old public facilities renewal is a major concern. It is frequent that very corroded sewage caps remain in place until a car or a man falls through it.

12* Among most important civilizational concerns, political silence and lie is alarming, such as glory fabrication and fake big sacrifice mediatisation ( knowing that actually little distress is dealt with ).
All of this may be lethal to Culture ( a wider concept than civilization ). It undermines the society phenomenon basis, justice. It undermines also the knowledge process and accumulation's angular stone: truth.

13* Hardship behaviour evaluation that showed friends failure could be, to avoid infamy, turned into tyrant diktat. Which makes that distress or unjustice is kept.

14* another pattern of past criticism, is any positive evolution denial ! This is a major tool to justify lack or limitation of improvements in the present !!!

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